steps of the animated video production process

The animated video production process

in 7 + 4 steps

One can make a simple animation using cheap templated GIFs downloaded from the Internet. We specialise in bespoke animated explainer videos that portray the product, service or idea, preferably in 3D. Making such unique animations requires lots of creative work in seven plus four steps. Yours will be no exception! We together go through the following steps in your project:

Preliminary steps

customer's duties

3D girl having an idea

Animation production process

3D animation: video editing

Animation production process

3D animation: video editing

One more extra step

How long does it take to make an animated video?

Animations don't get made overnight. The style, complexity, and length are the most critical factors affecting the time an animated video production process may take. On average, the entire timespan of a one-minute-long animation making can be 4-10 weeks. Simple and cheap 2D animations take less, and complex 3D animations may take much more. Customers should consider this when planning an animation project.

calendar and watch: animation production timespan

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