How much does an animated video cost?

Animated video price guide

Many factors specific to your project can affect the final cost of your animated video: video style, length, complexity, whether it’s 2D or 3D, character animation, just simple animated symbols, or a detailed product presentation in 3D. See examples of these variables below and estimate your cost.

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Animated video cost calculator

This price guide reasons through the varied elements of an animated video to remove the guesswork of budgeting. It’s impossible to instantly estimate with real accuracy, but use this ready-reckoner to calculate approximate production costs. Please use this calculator as a rough guide only, not a special offer! Costs vary greatly depending on the complexity of your animation!


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FAQs related to animated video cost

Without specifics, it’s like: how much does a car cost?
From this question, we only suspect that you want an animated video. But we have no idea what it would be about, what style you are looking for, how long it would be, how much work we’ll have to do to produce it. But we are keen to discuss it, to find out all the details.

The price of a 60-120 second animated video may include about 150-200 hours of work. The essential items are research, getting familiar with the detailed knowledge of the subject, creating and writing the story, graphic design and/or 3D modelling, animation work, sound editing, and hours, sometimes even days of rendering.
However, preparation time can be reduced considerably by providing as many relevant details about your product or service as possible.

Yes, we can, once we’re provided with a detailed description of what you want. We don’t have a unit price; our videos are unique. The subject’s complexity, your individual preferences, and the presumed amount of work involved will determine the price. We don’t present the same options for a toothpick shop and a wind turbine design firm. Until we thoroughly understand the subject and your detailed vision, we will not know how much work we need to do. Based on further discussions and your requirements, the final price will be fixed, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuations from then on. Until then, you can expect anything from around 1000 to 8,000 euros for a 60-120 sec video.

Partly! Actually, it depends on the amount of work. A longer video or one with complex solutions usually takes more work. But there can be exceptions. Sometimes, making a shorter animated explainer video with many scenes and fast-paced action is more challenging than a slow-paced, longer one which is less action-packed. It also matters whether it’s 2D or 3D, whether you need character animation or not. And if you need script writing, let’s not forget that it requires a lot of thought and coordination to shorten your thousands of words and condense them into an exciting story.

It’s worth having a quality animated video made if your goal is to increase your revenue by tens of thousands of dollars a year. The sky’s the limit. If a video can do that, it could pay for itself quickly, and from then on, it will keep on making money!

Generally, yes, you can, but at a premium price. A shorter time frame doesn’t mean less work. We can sleep less and involve more professionals, but we can’t save 150-200 work-hours on a 60-90 second video. Read more about the seven steps of the animation-making process.

Once you have paid the total purchase price, the video belongs to you. You can play it as often as you want and where you want. You no longer have to pay us any additional royalty for this. However, unique limitations may apply to the use of your video if you need third-party royalty-based audio or graphics elements in it. In this case, you must make arrangements with the third party for this yourself.

We kindly ask you to pay in three steps:
1. 30% of the total amount when the contract is signed;
2. 20% of the total amount when the script and concept are accepted;
3. the remaining 50% on final delivery.


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